Business Details
  • Trademark Registration Consult
  • Search and Application of Trademark Registration
  • Trademark Reexamination ,Responding to OA
  • Trademark Renewal
  • Trademark Registration Consult
  • Record Project Changes of Trademark
  • Trademark Dispute And Withdrawal
  • Opposition and invalidation
  • Trademark administrative litigation
  • Settlement of disputes over registration or use of a trademark
  • Licensing ,Assignment and Contract Writing
  • Transactional due diligence
  • Retrieval and Surveillance for Trademark Worldwide
  • Application for Foreign Trademark in China
  • Administration and judicial protection
The Benefits of Trademark

Exclusive and Monopolistic
Distinguish between products or services of other companies in the same industry; the trademark registration owns the exclusive right, which shall be protected by law in the same industry and is exclusive and monopoly.

Brand Establishment
The registered trademark of the enterprise is the basis for the establishment of the brand, which is the fundamental of famous trademark. The trademark differentiates the goods or service from the source, and has the vital commercial influence.

Brand Protection
Registered trademarks can seize the market,form a self-owned brand image. It is beneficial to protect the enterprise trademark from infringement, vicious competition in the industry, and prevent the infringement and theft brand value from the similar enterprise.

Intangible Assets
As an intangible asset of an enterprise, the trademark can be evaluated, can be transferred (investment), can make pledge loan, can license to use, create income and still can inherit.

Qualities Necessary
The registered trademark of the enterprise is the qualification requirement of expanding the network marketing and entering the e-commerce platform, the shopping mall or the supermarket.It is the required conditions for the sanitary inspection,etc.

Avoid Infringement

Avoid carefully designed trademarks that are first registered by others, China applies the principle of "prior application" to the same trademark registration application, the latter application is not allowed to register the trademark and even to use is not allowed.

The required material
Request for patent for invention
Abstract of specification
The instructions
Other information
Zhongyi Content of patent application
  • 1 detailed patent search before writing, issue search report
  • 2. Writing patent documents, writing patent application documents for invention according to the technical disclosure letter submitted by the customer to the customer for finalization
  • 3. Submit patent application after customer's confirmation
  • 4. Reply to the examination comments issued by the Patent Office until the application results are issued (rejected or authorized).