Video Highlights
Shenzhen Metropolis Channel's "First Live" section reports ZYIP
Shenzhen Satellite TV's "Leading China" column interview with Mr. Zhang Quanwen
Implementation of punitive damages system for intellectual property rights is an important step for Shenzhen to integrate with international standards
Intellectual property disputes frequently occur when companies go to sea, Zhang Quanwen from ZYIP, an exclusive dialogue with Shenzhen Satellite TV
Shenzhen launched the most stricted intellectual property protection, the relevant view of Zhangquan, Zhang Futian, China
About the US patent infringement case winning, Shenzhen Satellite TV interviewed the Chinese IV Zhang full
Huawei announced the opening of 5G patent fees in one of the intellectual property Zhangquan to accept interview
Shenzhen Satellite TV Interview: Huawei Announces 5G mobile phone patent rate standard, which is beneficial to inspire 5G technology development
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