What are the forms of the assignment of registered trademarks?


Assignment of a registered trademark is the act of the trademark registrant to assign the exclusive right of trademark to the other party during the term of validity of the registered trademark. There are several forms of the assignment of registered trademarks:

1.Assignment of Contract

By contract, assignor stipulates the content of the assignment of a registered trademark, mutual rights, obligations and liability for breach of contract, etc. This form of transfer is commonly paid, i.e. the assignor may charge a assignment fee by assigning a registered trademark.

2.Assignment of Succession

There are two situations about assignment of succession of registered trademark (1) After the death of the registered owner (natural person), the successor shall inherit all the registered trademarks of the deceased upon inheritance.(2) The assignment of succession

Of an enterprise as registered trademark owner that is incorporated or merged.

3. Assignment Due to an Administrative Order

This form of assignment usually takes place in the public state. The administrative orders that are said here are mainly those that planning and administration which cause the property transfer. For example, the state-owned enterprises in China will be divided, merged, dissolved or transferred according to the administrative order, which will cause the subject of the registered trademark change.

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