• Patent Infringement, IP Ownership Dispute
  • Trademark Infringement, Administrative Investigation and Other Relevant Law Affairs
  • Copyright Infringement, Administrative Investigation and Other Relevant Law Affairs
  • Patent/Trademark/Copyright Infringement Investigation, Collecting and Preserving Evidence
  • Assisting Clients Dealing With IP Legal Disputes, Arbitration
  • Complaint/Litigation against Unfair Competition
  • Permanent or Special Legal Counsel
  • Providing Legal Advice, Legal Documents Writing, Investigation, Negotiation and other Non-Litigation Agencies
  • Provides Comprehensive IP Infringement Analysis When Clients or Their Products are Accused of Infringement
Benefits of IP

IP rights is the most effective tools for market competition, if enterprises own independent IP rights and apply to the product and enterprise management, it can broaden the enterprise market space, improve enterprise brand influence and market competitiveness.

Intangible Assets
Intellectual property rights enterprise owned is intangible asset of them, patent right, trademark right and copyright can make them obtain economic benefits by license, transfer and other ways, and also be used for to pledge, mortgage and so on.

Intellectual property can enhance enterprises' ability of innovation and risks-resistance .It clearly guarantees the rights and interests of IP rights holders, and mobilizes enterprises' initiative of innovation and creativity, which promote their independent innovation ability.

Value of Honor
For individual honor, it contributes to points home, Title assessment and individual value realization. For corporate honor, the independent IP rights of enterprises are the embodiment of enterprise innovation ability and core competitiveness.

Enterprise Propaganda
Enterprises own independent IP rights and apply them to the product. The product with independent IP rights will increase the reliability and credibility, improve enterprise's popularity and good market reputation for the enterprise.

Awarding Policy
Local governments have issued policies to reward and subsidize applicants for patents, trademarks and software Copyrights. It is necessary for enterprises to have independent IP rights to enter the mall, apply high-tech enterprises and innovation funds, etc.