Business details
  • On the basis of patent information resource utilization and patent analysis, the patent application is embedded in industrial technological innovation, product innovation, organizational innovation and business model innovation.
  • Explore the establishment of a working mechanism for the deep integration of patent information analysis and industrial operation decision-making, the high matching of patent creation and industrial innovation capabilities, the strong protection of patent layout for the competitive position of the industry, and the realization of patent value to effectively support the efficiency of industrial operation.
  • At present, two common patent navigation models include industrial planning patent navigation projects that integrate the status quo of the industry, and enterprise operation patent navigation projects that focus on corporate development strategies.

Benefits of patent navigation analysis

Analyze the status quo
Help analyze the development status, environment and positioning of the company.

Delineate key products
Comprehensively diagnose the characteristics and needs of the enterprise, and delineate the key products of the enterprise. It is helpful to carry out analysis of core technology, competitors and infringement risks around the products that the company focuses on.

Help to form a patent operation plan
Starting from the basic strategy of the company's key product development, the patent layout, reserve and operation are embedded in the whole process of product development to form a patent operation plan.

Improve the development plan
The results of the patent navigation project are deeply integrated into the various decisions of the enterprise, and the relevant development plans of the enterprise strategy, products, and technology are improved.
Zhongyi Patent Navigation Analysis Service Content
  • 1Understand the basic situation of technical knowledge and development in the field
  • 2Corresponding search strategy adjustment and determination
  • 3The corresponding sub-categories of the field and the adjustment and determination of search strategies
  • 4Regional distribution of global applications in this field, global development trend of patents in each sub-category, domestic development trend, etc.
  • 5Regional distribution of global applications in this field, global development trend of patents in each sub-category, domestic development trend, etc.
  • 6Determine the patent situation of major competitors through analysis
  • 7Analysis of main competitors' layout in each sub-category and technological development path
  • 8Analysis of technical efficiency and technical advantages of major competitors
  • 9Analysis of important patents of major competitors and sub-classification technologies, screening of important, basic and high-risk patents
  • 10Obtain technical gaps in related fields through patent mapping and analysis of technical efficacy, for reference by R&D personnel
  • 11According to the analyzed technical gaps, give specific suggestions