• Certification Of Software Enterprise, Software Tester and High-Tech Enterprise ;IPR Management Standard Certification for Enterprises
  • Applying for Technological Innovation Fund For SME, Science and Technology Project, Technical Certificate
  • Applying for Shenzhen Technology and Research Project ,Shenzhen Startups Funding Project
  • Applying for Special Funds of Cultural Industry ,Original Research and Development Project, Key Enterprise Settlement
  • Certification of Enterprises with Intellectual Property Advantages
  • Applying for Intellectual Property Promotion Business Fund
Benefits of Project Application

Preferential policy
Many favorable policies for the development of enterprises can be obtained through the project application, including the enterprise income tax deduction and others.

Financial support
Through the project application, after the certification audit of national government functional departments, the relevant state departments will be in the form of free sponsorship, subsidized loans and reward to support enterprises a certain amount of money for the project of enterprises research and development and industrialization.

Perfecting Self-Building
The process of enterprise applying project is also the process of their self-management, research, and development and regulation .Combined with the government's policy direction, enterprises can through the project grasps their development direction, improve the enterprise management.

Honorary Title
Through project application, enterprise may obtain the relevant honorary titles issued by the government functional departments, which is benefit for enterprises to raise public funds, participate in government procurement and promote publicity, etc., whose intangible value is inestimable.

Government Extension
Through the project application, the enterprise make function government department informed of them and their project output, which is equivalent to a free publicity between the government functional departments. The recognition and promotion of the functional departments will further promote the application units.

Strength Link
Before project application, enterprise must firstly understand the department in charge of the project, support key, application requirements and time, etc .Through the project application, enterprise can exercise their talent team, strengthen the communication with government departments and understand the latest policy information in time.