Business details
  • Patent layout refers to the integration of industrial, market, and legal factors of an enterprise. The organic combination of patents covers the dimensions of time, region, technology, and products related to the interests of the enterprise. A favorable patent portfolio.
  • Patent right is a kind of exclusive right, which has exclusive exclusivity, regionality and timeliness. Patentees exchange "exclusive" rights for "openness", and the regionality and timeliness of patents restrict the patentee's exclusive rights. Therefore, in order to obtain the maximum patent exclusive rights, the patentee must put a lot of effort on the layout of the patent.
  • As a result of the patent layout, the company's patent portfolio should have a certain number of scales, with clear protection levels and complete functions, so as to obtain a patent competitive advantage in a specific field.
  • Patent layout is a planned and strategic patent mining and deployment behavior. Through patent layout work, the blindness and fragmentation of enterprise patent applications can be overcome, and the passive "patent application for patents" will be transformed into "patent applications with goals and plans for the development needs of the enterprise", and thus improve The utilization efficiency of enterprise patent application resources and the overall value of its patent group provide practical and effective patent support for enterprise development.
Benefits of patent cultivation and layout

Enhance corporate competitiveness
A reasonable patent layout can increase the overall value of a company's patents, enhance its market competitiveness, and maximize the role of patented weapons in corporate competition.

Cost saving
It is conducive to rational patent application and saves application cost. At the same time, a reasonable patent protection network should be constructed to avoid fragmented and disorderly patent applications.

Strengthen self-protection
Clamping patents with combination value or strategic value placed around core patents in response to competitors. It can create a monopoly or defensive effect for the company, build a relatively strong technical barrier, and highly adapt to the company's overall strategic planning.

Lead R&D
It is conducive to correctly guiding the direction of R&D, promoting rational R&D, improving the effectiveness of R&D, expanding the interest chain on the basis of ensuring the market value of the product itself, and adding added value to R&D.
Zhongyi Patent Layout and Planning Service Content
  • 1Dig deep into core technologies, evaluate and confirm the current state of the technology through patent search, analyze the search results, predict industry hotspots and gaps, and find high-value core innovation technology points
  • 2Sort out the core innovation technology points, focus on their expansion and extension, and form peripheral innovation technology points according to application scenarios, industrial chains, system relationships, etc.
  • 3Form a high-value patent package based on the core and peripheral innovation technology points excavated, and form an enveloping patent layout, increasing the quality and quantity of the patent protection
  • 4Guided by anti-circumvention and comprehensive and predictive patent layout ideas, build a patent network that is difficult for opponents to circumvent, and master the patent package bargaining chip that has a confrontational effect on competitors
The company's patent layout is roughly reflected in the following three aspects
  • 1. The layout of major core patented technologies: Enterprises should seek patent protection for R&D achievements, especially major R&D achievements; core patent technologies adopt the method of establishing patent pools and apply for multiple related technology patents outside the core patents.
  • 2. Claims when applying for a patent: When applying for a patent, provide as many technical solutions as possible, including the optimal and sub-optimal technical solutions, to support a larger scope of protection; the scope of protection of the patent in the claims is reasonable, if it is too small, others can easily bypass the patent. Reduce the value of patents.
  • 3. Patent layout in the international market: While applying for Chinese patents, it is also necessary to pay attention to the layout of foreign patent applications based on the distribution of the product's market.