• Copyright and Registration of Computer Software
  • Registration of Works Copyright
  • Filing layout-design of integrated circuits applications
  • Recordation of intellectual property with customs & customs seizure
  • Registration of Domain Name and Dispute Handling
  • Assigning ,Licensing and Inheriting of Right
  • Applying for Judicial and Administrative Protection
  • Requesting Deferred Processing
  • Opposition Procedure
The Benefits of Copyright

Evidence of Safeguarding Rights
To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the author or other copyright owners and users of works, help to solve the copyright disputes caused by the copyright ownership, and provide preliminary evidence for solving dispute over copyright.

Transaction Voucher
As proof of having rights in the process of copyright trade, it is advantageous to assignment, licensing ,spreading and economic value realization of works and software.

Clear Right Ownership
The author enjoy copyright from the date  when the creation of a work is completed, but their identity are relatively difficult to be proved . The copyright registration can make the right ownership very clear, thus reducing the ownership dispute.

In terms of personal honor, this is the embodiment of personal self-worth; In terms of enterprise honor, this is the performance of enterprise innovation strength, and can also improve enterprise's brand image and value.