Honors and Advantages
"IAM Patent 1000 2022" China Recommended Firm
Four-star Patent Agency in China
National Intellectual Property Service Brand Agency
National Intellectual Property Service Brand Establishment
Vice President of Guangdong Patent Agency Association
Golden Award for Best Service
Top Ten Institutions Of The Quality Improvement Of The Patent Agency Of Guangdong Province In 2021
Guangdong Patent Award Outstanding Contribution Agency
Member of Guangdong Intellectual Property Protection Association
Standardized units for trademark agency services
Excellent Patent Agency in Shenzhen
IP Advanced Enterprises
NO.3 in invention patent agents number in Guangdong Province
Vice President Unit of Guangdong Patent Agency Association
Member of Guangdong patent agency
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Firm Advantages
  • Perspective Service Planning
    The Zhongyi Research Center has been established for topic researches of domestic and international corporations’ IP management and perspective IP service planning.
  • Elite Team
    We have recruited well-educated and experienced talents with high standards. Our team is compromised of a couple of philosophy doctors. 40% of the team members are postgraduate masters and 50% have worked for over five years. There are expertise trainings at least three times a week in order to enhance team members’ comprehensive professional competence effectively.
  • Professionalism
    We divide our teams and distribute the cases according to teams’ specialties and technical fields, ensuring each case will be handed over to the agent who is best at the field. A special team of experts will be set up and sufficient resources will be allocated to solve the difficulties of a specific case so as to guarantee the clients’ profits.
  • Standardization
    Standard for Drafting Patent Application Documents (the 2nd version) is exclusive to ZYIP patent agents and help them standardize the drafting of patent documents and ensure the quality. We rate our patent engineers as from level 1 to 11 according to the rules in Standard for Reviewing Patent Application Documents and we will periodically carry out a random check on the patent documents so as to maintain a high-quality service. Documents drafted by patent engineers below level 9 will be reviewed strictly by senior patent agents at or above level nine before submitting to SIPO.
  • Refined File Processing and Management
    Refined Regulations on File Processing and Management. A particular department, i.e. the Processing Department has been set up to manage the processing of the files with each step will be double-checked by two administrators so as to ensure the punctuality and accuracy of the processing. A special software managing system IPEasy has been developed to assist with managing the files online and offline. Triple backups (two soft copies and a hard copy) for each file to ensure the security during file processing.
  • Localized Services
    We have offices in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan, Nanning, Changsha, Shijiazhuang, Beijing to provide close and localized services with high standards.
    We have set up a long-term and stable cooperation with more than 100 Intellectual Property agencies and Law firms all over the world to provide an efficient and high-quality global Intellectual Property services.
    We have formed a global IP service network by maintaining a solid win-win relationship with over 100 IP agencies or law firms all over the world.Foreign service is efficient and with high quality.
  • Value-Added Services
    The value-added services include professional trainings, patent mining, annual fee payment, recommend and send industry information, free to apply for Fee Reduction and Patent Subsidizing.