[Shenzhen Report] Shenzhen's innovation ability ranks first in the country, Zhongyi Chairman Zhang Quanwen was interviewed

On December 26, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the China Institute of Science and Technology Information respectively announced the "National Innovative City Innovation Capability Monitoring Report 2020" and the "National Innovative City Innovation Capability Evaluation Report 2020". The report showed that Shenzhen's innovation capability ranks among the national innovation capabilities. The city tops the list.

Focusing on this news, Shenzhen Satellite TV reported to Wu Sikang, director of the Shenzhen Municipal Government Development Research Center, Liu Xiang, director of the Regional Development Planning Research Institute of China (Shenzhen) Comprehensive Development Research Institute, an expert from the Shenzhen Intellectual Property Office’s intellectual property expert database, and a director of Zhongyi Intellectual Property Mr. Zhang Wenwen Zhang conducted relevant interviews.


In 2020, facing the complex development environment, Shenzhen's innovation entities will still maintain a strong innovation momentum. In the first three quarters, Shenzhen enterprises submitted 219,000 patent applications, 164,000 patent authorizations, 14,000 PCT international patent applications, and 436,000 trademark applications in the city. Many core intellectual property indicators ranked first in the country.

In the interview, Mr. Zhang Quanwen, Chairman of Zhongyi Intellectual Property, said: “From the perspective of Shenzhen’s international patent applications in 2020, Shenzhen enterprises are paying more and more attention to protecting themselves in the international market. At the same time, Shenzhen’s patent applications will follow The increase in patent quality requirements of enterprises has gradually shifted from quantitative changes to qualitative changes. This is related to the country's advocacy of creating high-value patents, and it is also related to corporate spontaneous factors.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized when presiding over the 25th collective study of the Politburo of the CPC Central Committee: “Innovation is the first driving force to lead development, and protecting intellectual property rights is protecting innovation.” As a national intellectual property model city, Shenzhen’s Since the “National Intellectual Property Protection and Utilization Plan”, we have continuously strengthened top-level design, improved laws and regulations, strengthened judicial and administrative protection, comprehensively strengthened intellectual property protection, created a good business environment, stimulated the city’s innovative vitality, and built an innovative city. Provides a strong motivation.

Enterprises must not only innovate, but also know how to protect innovation. In the future, Zhongyi Intellectual Property will stick to the core values of "Duty, Practicality, Simplicity, and Professionalism" as always, provide high-value intellectual property services for enterprises, and allow intellectual property services to penetrate the economy and society. The various industries and fields in China help more companies awaken the "sleeping" intellectual property rights, so that they not only go out of their "deep boudoirs", but also go abroad, cross the threshold of international intellectual property rights, and transform intellectual property into real economic value.
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