In the 21st China Patent Awards, Zhongyi's intellectual property agency patent won "1 Gold, 1 Silver and 5 Excellent"!

The China Patent Award is the highest award in the field of patents in my country. It is jointly organized by the State Intellectual Property Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). It is held every year and has a wide range of international influence.

In the 21st China Patent Awards, more than 2,400 patents participated in the appraisal. Shenzhen has outstanding results and won 70 awards. Among them, there are 3 China Patent Gold Awards, 2 China Design Gold Awards, 4 China Patent Silver Awards, 2 China Design Silver Awards, 55 China Patent Excellence Awards, and 4 China Design Excellence Awards.

In this year’s selection, Shenzhen Zhongyi Intellectual Property Agency’s patents have won a total of 7 awards, including 1 China Patent Gold Award, 1 China Design Silver Award, and 5 China Patent Excellence Awards, 4 of which are Shenzhen local enterprises/institutes school. Here, Zhongyi Intellectual Property sends late congratulations to the award-winning customers! Cheers to customers for their outstanding innovation and R&D capabilities!


Zhongyi's intellectual property agency patents won the list of the 21st China Patent Awards


The China Patent Gold Award won this time is the sixth China Patent Gold Award won by Zhongyi Intellectual Property. Among the Chinese patent gold award agencies, Zhongyi Intellectual Property continues to maintain its leading position.

Summary of Zhongyi's Intellectual Property Agency Patent Awarded by China Patent Gold Award List


Thank you to all customers who trust and support Zhongyi Intellectual Property. In the future, Zhongyi Intellectual Property will continue to uphold the simple values of "Duty, Practicality, Simplicity, and Professionalism", work hard, and treat every customer and every project sincerely , Every entrustment, professional focus, strict quality assurance, meet and exceed customer expectations, and contribute to the development of the intellectual property industry!
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