Innovation environment, leading the future丨Zhongyi Intellectual Property 2020 commendation live broadcast successfully held


At the end of the year, the year-end summary meeting is here!

In order to comply with the current requirements for epidemic prevention and control, on January 29, 2021, Zhongyi Intellectual Property's "2020 Year-end Summary and Outstanding Employee Recognition Conference" with the theme of "Innovation, Leading the Future" will be distributed nationwide in the form of webcast for the first time. The Chinese families from all over the place gather together to share the live broadcast event that belongs to all the Chinese one. Beginning at 3:30 in the afternoon of the same day, all the members of the family participated online in "Cloud Commendation", "Cloud Summary", and "Cloud Sharing" to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, and jointly open a new chapter in 2021.

Let us review the grand occasion together!

Wonderful opening 

In the afternoon of the same day, all the members of Form One signed in for the meeting online and had a lively interaction in the live broadcast room.

At 3:30 pm, the meeting officially began.

The meeting was chaired by Ge Zelong from the Intellectual Property Project Division of Zhongyi and Wang Yumei from the Customer Service Center. In the opening ceremony of the two "loves in the space", "Gather in the clouds, talk about one" and "Remember the past, show the future" The conference officially opened.

Anchor meeting supporters Wang Yumei, Ge Zelong

ZYIP "Intelligence Bureau"

In the first link-the S1 "Intelligence Bureau", the S1 Program Department, the Finance Department, and the General Manager's Office respectively made departmental annual reports.

First of all, Ms. Yuan Xiaoshan, Director of Program Department, shared the "Zhongyi 2020 Annual Performance Report" for everyone.

The report shows:

In terms of patents, there were 12,410 open-file patent applications in 2020, and the domestic patent authorization rate in 2020 was 85.86%, of which the invention patent authorization rate was 60.38%, the utility model authorization rate was 99.35%, and the appearance authorization rate was 99.62%. In the 21st China Patent Awards, Zhongyi won 1 China Patent Gold Award, 1 China Design Silver Award, and 5 China Patent Excellence Awards.

In terms of trademarks, 9298 trademark cases were accepted in 2019, with a trademark authorization rate of 73.8%; and 1,269 copyright cases were accepted.

In other respects, legal cases increased by 21% compared with the same period last year; the institute increased by 62% compared with the same period last year.

From this "Annual Performance Report", we can see that Zhongyi still achieved good results in 2020.

Yuan Xiaoshan, Director of Program Department

Immediately afterwards, Fu Yong, manager of the finance department, shared the "2020 Annual Operating Data Report".

The report shows that in 2020, under the turbulent environment of the epidemic, the annual payment will increase by 9% year-on-year, and it has maintained a steady growth for more than ten consecutive years, which fully demonstrates the strength and flexibility of Zhongyi's business.

Finance Manager Fu Yong

Subsequently, Ms. Gong Li, director of the General Manager's Office, shared the "2020 Annual Operational Data Report".

The report shows:

In terms of customer care, we visited more than 1,100 customers in total throughout the year, and resolved 126 opinions.

In terms of employee care, the third round of employee opinion solicitation was launched, more than 60 rules and regulations were reorganized, and 15 procedures were added and revised.

In terms of talent introduction, the total number of employees increased by 54, a growth rate of 19%;

Through this report, we firmly believe that as long as we put our customers first and always implement the corporate values of simplicity, professionalism, practicality, and duty, Zhongyi can continue to make brilliant achievements even after wind and rain.

Gong Li, Director of General Manager Office

Chairman's speech 

Afterwards, Chairman Zhang Wenwen of Zhongyi Intellectual Property Group delivered a speech on the theme of "Ready to Go, Set Sail" at the meeting.

Chairman Zhang Wenwen reviewed the development and achievements of the year, and put forward new development goals and work requirements for the new year. He said that in the new year, the company will focus on deepening customer service, caring for employees, improving quality and efficiency, and deepening reforms as its main development goals, and will continue to decentralize power and solve problems for customers and employees by discovering problems. , All the staff will go up and down, make a hole, and continue to move towards the general goal of a super first-class agency.

The sonorous and powerful words of Chairman Zhang Quanwen made everyone excited and firmly believed that under the company's increasingly sophisticated management system and professional capabilities, the career development of the company and its employees would reach new heights!

Recognition of outstanding employees

Recognition of outstanding employees
Then came the employee recognition session.

The pair of employees and teams who have worked hard, enterprising and made outstanding contributions in 2020 will be awarded "Little Writer", "Great Writer", "Most Valuable Employee Award", "Most Growth Award", and "Most Valuable Employee Award". "Pioneering Spirit Award", "Annual Star Employee Award", "Most Attractive Manager", "Annual Writing Champion Award", "Annual Quality Champion Award", "Annual Performance Champion Award", "Annual King's Team Award" After waiting for 11 awards, nearly a hundred employees were commended and thanked them for their outstanding contributions to S1 in the challenging 2020.

The commendation personnel are located in various branches across the country. Some of the award-winning representatives in Shenzhen that day allowed all members of the family to witness their moment of glory.

Group photo of some award-winning representatives

Representatives of some winners from other places also sent a video of their award-winning speeches online.

Award-winning representative: Liang He

Award-winning representative: Liu Yan

Award-winning representative: Chen Wei

Award-winning representative: Zhang Na

The commendation was interspersed with rich and colorful interactive lottery activities. There were many prizes such as cash, ipad, Dyson vacuum cleaner, sweeping robot, skg cervical massager, mite removal instrument, and new year goods. The live broadcast site had frequent interactions and climaxes.

In 2020, all members of Zhongyi Intellectual Property will be united and overcome difficulties together, cooperate sincerely, and forge ahead with determination, persevere in the crisis and open up amidst changes. After one year, both business growth and professional achievements have won new achievements. Development and new achievements have been made.

2021 is the 18th year of the establishment of Zhongyi Intellectual Property. Zhongyi will continue its efforts and work hard with all customers and employees to meet new business peaks, create new achievements, and write a new chapter!

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