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On the afternoon of March 16, Huawei held the "Intellectual Property: Protecting the Forward Engine of Technological Innovation" forum in Shenzhen, and released the "Innovation and Intellectual Property White Paper 2020". At the same time, it announced 5G mobile phone patent rates and announced that it will start 5G equipment implements a patent license fee plan, and the upper limit of the patent license fee for a single mobile phone is 2.5 US dollars.
"5G mobile phone patent rate standards: based on comprehensive considerations such as Huawei's R&D costs, investment and sales proportions, and in accordance with the principles of fairness, reasonableness, and compliance with standard mobile phone patent licensing fees, the charging standards for 5G multi-mode mobile phones; Huawei The patent license fee for a single mobile phone that conforms to the 5G standard is capped at $2.5, and a reasonable percentage rate applicable to the price of the mobile phone is provided."

What impact will this move have on the 5G industry? In the increasingly fierce international competition in science and technology, what kind of signals are being released? Shenzhen Satellite TV conducted a relevant interview with Mr. Zhang Quanwen, the executive vice president of Shenzhen Patent Association and chairman of Zhongyi Intellectual Property.

Shenzhen Satellite TV "Shenzhen News" interview details

In a report by Shenzhen TV's "Shenzhen News", Mr. Zhang Quanwen said that patent fees are a common industry practice. This time Huawei’s 5G mobile phone patent rate standards have been disclosed to make it more open and transparent. The use of fees to protect innovation will promote enterprises’ innovation. Investment in research and development to further promote the development of science and technology.
On the same day, the "Evening Report" column of Shenzhen Satellite TV also conducted a video online interview with Mr. Zhang Quanwen on this matter.

Interview details of Shenzhen TV's "Evening Report"

During the video interview, the host asked Mr. Zhang Wenwen about whether Huawei’s 5G patent fees would affect ordinary mobile phone users and whether it would have an impact on the global 5G industry. Mr. Zhang Wenwen said that Huawei charges 5G. Mobile phone patent fees will not affect ordinary mobile phone users. While improving the transparency of patent fees, it will help stimulate the development of the 5G industry.

Screenshot of Shenzhen Satellite TV's "Evening Report" online interview video

Francis Gurry, the former Director-General of the World Intellectual Property Organization, commented: “Huawei’s release of 5G standard basic patent (SEP) rates will promote the industry’s widespread adoption of standards designed to ensure operability, reliability, and transparent competition, and at the same time provide for its R&D investment. Fair return."

In this era of competitiveness with technological innovation, the value created by patents will become greater and greater. The success of Huawei's 5G comes from its long-term independent innovation and R&D investment. This time, the official start of collecting related patent fees can be said to be Domestic enterprises fought a "first battle." my country has now proposed a development strategy to promote the transformation of domestic intellectual property rights to high-quality. It is foreseeable that China's "patent era" is gradually coming!
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