Awesome! Zhongyi's Intellectual Property Reaches Great Success


Recently, the official website of the State Intellectual Property Office released the "Announcement of the Evaluation Results of the 22nd China Patent Awards". This year, a total of 30 pre-winning projects for China Patent Gold Award, 10 pre-winning projects for China Design Gold Award, and China Patent Silver Award were selected. There are 60 pre-awarded projects, 15 pre-awarded projects of China Design Silver Award, 826 pre-awarded projects of China Patent Excellence Award, and 56 pre-awarded projects of China Design Excellence Award.

Pre-awarded items of patents represented by ZYIP this year

In the results of this public announcement, a total of 11 pre-winning patents were Zhongyi intellectual property agents, including: Lifetech's "Left Atrial Apparatus Occlusion Device" patent, which won the China Patent Gold Award, and the Chinese Design Excellence Award. The appearance design patent of the massager, and 9 invention patents including Jingdong Shangke, Decai Optoelectronics, Midea, Xuyu Optoelectronics, Taihean Technology, and Defang Nanotechnology, which have won the China Patent Excellence Award.

Attachment: Details of the patents obtained by Zhongyi Intellectual Property Agency in the 22nd China Patent Awards (1 gold and 10 outstanding)

China Patent Awards

Up to now, the patents of Zhongyi Intellectual Property Agency have won the China Patent Awards as follows (including the 22nd pre-awarded items):
7 Chinese Patent Gold Awards
2 Chinese Patent Silver Awards
38 Chinese Patent Excellence Awards
47 items in total 

Attachment: Zhongyi's intellectual property agency patents won the China Patent Gold Award

Sincere congratulations and thanks

Here, Zhongyi Intellectual Property would like to extend sincere congratulations to all customers and friends who have won the 22nd China Patent Award! Thank customers for their long-term trust and support for Zhongyi Intellectual Property. 

In the future, ZYIP will continue to uphold the simple values of "duty, practicality, simplicity, and professionalism", and provide customers with professional and high-quality intellectual property services, strictly guaranteeing quality, demanding details, taking professional as the guide, and taking excellence as the guide. To meet and exceed customer needs and expectations.

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