Shenzhen Satellite TV interviewed Mr. Zhang Quanwen from Zhongyi Intellectual Property

On June 12, 2021, the first instance of Ultravision's intellectual property lawsuit that took more than three years was pronounced: Chinese LED companies won the case. The Texas District Court of the United States found that the defendant did not constitute patent infringement (the defendant included 11 companies including Absen, Lianjian Optoelectronics, Leyard, Unilumin Technology, Alto Electronics, Lehman Optoelectronics, etc.), and the plaintiff's patent was invalid.

Shenzhen Satellite TV conducted relevant reports on this matter and conducted relevant interviews with Mr. Zhang Quanwen, the executive vice president of Shenzhen Patent Association, chairman of Zhongyi Intellectual Property, and associate researcher.

Mr. Zhang Quanwen said that the "337 Investigation" is a trade protection measure of the United States. The threshold for filing a case is very low, but its lethality is huge. For the "general exclusion order", as long as one company in the same industry unfortunately loses the lawsuit, it will withdraw from the U.S. market along with other similarly sued products companies in the country.

"One company loses the lawsuit, and the industry withdraws." The Section 337 investigation is derived from Section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930 (referred to as "Section 337") and related amendments: prohibiting all acts of unfair competition or any non-compliance in products exported to the United States Fair trade practices. In related cases that have been judged, the loss rate of Chinese companies is as high as 60%, which is much higher than the world average of 26%. China has become the largest victim of the US "337 Investigation".

 The victory of this patent infringement case is not only the victory of a single LED company, but also the first victory of a Chinese LED company in the US 337 investigation and the Texas District Court litigation.

Looking at domestic companies, many of them have relatively complete domestic patent layouts, but they still lack international patent layouts and recognition. Under the current globalization background, it is inevitable for Chinese enterprises to go global. Enterprises must survive and develop in the increasingly fierce international competition, and perfect the domestic and foreign patent strategy layout is the top priority.

Zhongyi Intellectual Property has focused on serving the intellectual property industry for 18 years. In the future, it is willing to join hands with more enterprises to improve the enterprise's intellectual property protection system, establish an overseas patent layout of innovative technologies, and help enterprises develop steadily in the international market! 
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